With Visnova USA you’ll find experts skilled in every facet of the real estate process for both buyers and sellers. We take you from conference room to closing table, competently and quickly. Visnova USA has streamlined the process, maximized the resources and created a unique partnership approach. Learn more about today’s unique asset disposition strategies Visnova USA has created to make our partnership beneficial.

​"Simplify ​Your Life..."

Candidates for Services

CORPORATE ASSET DISPOSAL: Have you purchased a property for your employee? Do you have a 'buy back' policy in your relocation package? Are you looking to make a 'win-win' situation whereas both you and your emplyee both benefit from this arrangement? Let us help you maximize your profitability and review all options so your company can make the most viable decision for your investment..

INDIVIDUAL BUYERS/ INVESTORS: Are you a seasoned investor ready to buy? Or perhaps you've been sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to buy? Do you want a successful investment strategy for residential real estate? Let us take care of all the burdensone feasibility studies, projects and ROI and searching for 'just the right deals'...

DISTRESSED HOMEOWNERS: Are you a ready to seel your home? Is the traditional sales metod taking too long and is the short sale process too slow? Let us provide an alternative strategies for alternatively keeping your property or disposing of your property quickly without the lengthy waits of bank short sales approvals or traditional buyers that need financing to purchase your property...

“Visnova USA’s’ Focus on the Highly Niche US Asset Disposition Markets Helped Me Gain Perspective of My Real Estate Investment Strategy, Without Distractions & Confusion When Working With Prior Real Estate Professionals…”
​​Yeun Ten Chaung, PRIMUS Group, Pvt. Ltd, China
​”I Tried Waiting for a Short Sale My Real Estate Agent Kept Promising Me. Two Months Later was Two Months Too Long to Contact Visnova USA’s. My Porperty was Secured by a Buyer Within Three Days and the Closing Within Seven Business Days, Just as Fast as the Title Company Could Get the Paperwork Ready…I was also Provided Relocation Assistance after My Closing…”
​Tonya R., ‘Not Foreclosed’-Houston, Texas