Visnova USA Relocation Services

For the Corporation

New hires come with a variety of HR challenges. Visnova USA enables you to concentrate on internal issues and tasks by making sure your candidate’s or transferee’s every relocation need is met outside the work environment. With global service capability, we provide stress-free acclimation that fosters shorter ramp up time and greater productivity. Whether you have 1 or 200 upcoming relocations, companies of all sizes can take advantage of our fully scalable suite of global relocation services. All of our clients receive the same hands-on attention that makes Journey’s End an industry leader. From Candidate Area Orientation to Settling-in or Total Relocation Management, Visnova USA is your go-to resource. And all of these services and more can be provided at varying levels for Domestic or International relocations.
Our services can be tailored to meet your need. Contact Us to discuss providing the right relocation services to get your recruits / transferees on board!

For the Mobility Partner

Visnova USA partners with the biggest and the brightest Relocation Management Companies. Take advantage of our hands-on destination services to compliment and complete your service offering. It’s been said that no one does it better or makes you look better. We’re here to help.

For the Recruiter

​You’ve successfully engaged top candidates by offering them an opportunity to advance their career. Now close the deal by offering them the support they need to make a smooth transition. With global service capability, Visnova USA provides everything candidates need to successfully acclimate to a new area. From destination city orientation to new home search, and everything in between, our goal is to eliminate stress and make relocation a source of positive motivation.
​When faced with the prospect of having to relocate, even for the perfect job, candidates find themselves faced with the inevitable anxiety that comes with this type of life-changing transition – an emotional reaction that can make it very difficult for your best candidate to accept an offer. The Visnova USA candidate care program is designed to eliminate stress and make relocation a source of positive motivation. Starting with an escorted area orientation and continuing until every family member is comfortable with the move, we can provide EVERYTHING your candidates need to successfully acclimate to a new area. Your ability to offer the best package of “non-job benefits” may become your greatest asset in recruitment!

Services Quick List

  • Temporary Housing Assistance
  • Relocation Consultation & Area Orientation
  • Area Familiarization Tours
  • Short Term Housing
  • Household Goods Move Management
  • Home Sale Marketing Assistance
  • Home Purchase Assistance
  • Settling-in Services
  • Educational Consulting
  • Rental Housing Assistance
  • Practical Living Solutions
  • Settling-in Services
  • School Search
  • Departure Services
  • Candidate Services​
  • Relocation Consultation & Area Orientation​
  • Overview of Housing Market​
  • Interim Housing​ ​